As the calendar hits May and we march towards Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer, thoughts are beginning to turn to long weekends or extended stays in places like the Hamptons, Nantucket, and Saratoga Springs. What about staffing support for these long-awaited getaways?

Seasonal staffing can be tricky, especially if your regular staff is not able to travel along with you. Some clients will be fortunate enough to bring their staff from their primary home to their summer home, but more often, clients need to appoint temporary help for the season. This process can begin as early as January or February and continue all the way up to the end of June.

One of the biggest challenges with seasonal staff is that they often don’t know how you like things done. Also, if you mix new appointees with your regular staff, things can sometimes get a bit ugly. Therefore, you need to establish a game plan for the summer season: What are your expectations and how do you anticipate realizing those expectations smoothly and efficiently?

It’s best not to try any shortcuts if you expect to have a relaxing and stress-free time away. It’s important to understand this way ahead of time, so that when the summer season finally arrives, you’re not scrambling frantically to plug holes. Proper planning will help you prevent unnecessary issues when it comes to seasonal staffing.


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