Staffing Specialties

Crimmins Residential Staffing offers a wide range of positions for your household. Keep in mind that these descriptions are intentionally broad and can be customized to fit your particular needs. Some positions, in fact, can overlap with others depending on the size, needs, and dynamics of the household.


Estate Manager

An Estate Manager is responsible for the smooth operation of the employer’s residence(s). Estate Managers are well trained and have excellent judgment regarding decisions about household maintenance and management such as hiring service people and providing direction to other household staff. Computer and accounting skills are commonly required for this position in addition to general household management duties.

Duties can include hiring, training, and supervising all household staff, overseeing the operation and maintenance of an estate or multiple residences, creating and maintaining household manuals, managing the calendar, organizing and running large events and parties, bookkeeping and accounting tasks, booking travel arrangements, maintaining household security, managing designated projects and, in general, making sure that his/her employer’s life is as carefree as possible.

Annual salary range: $100,000 to $300,000+

Domestic Couple

Domestic Couples are usually a married couple that takes on the full responsibilities of running a household. Like many couples jobs, the duties are normally split between indoor and outdoor responsibilities. One person is responsible for the cleaning, cooking, shopping, menu planning, laundry, serving and overseeing the daily activities of the house. The other person is responsible for the outside grounds, gardening, light maintenance, repair and maintenance of machinery, and automobile care. This position can entail many different responsibilities depending on the needs of the employer and is typically a live-in situation.

Annual salary range: $100,000 to $180,000+

Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant is a very trusted member of a household staff and handles all confidential day-to-day responsibilities. This position requires a close, one-on-one relationship with his or her employer.

Duties can include keeping track of agendas, arranging for reservations, planning events, making travel arrangements and developing itineraries, shopping, running errands, secretarial responsibilities and any other personal requests.

Annual salary range: $70,000 to $130,000+



The position of Housekeeper or Houseman normally includes more of the “hands-on” duties for daily care of the home. This can include many different responsibilities depending on the needs of the employer, such as overseeing laundry and ironing, pet care, errands and keeping the household stocked at all times.

Annual salary range: $55,000 to $80,000+

Property Manager

Property Managers are responsible for the physical management of all types of properties, from single-family homes to large apartment complexes, including regular maintenance and emergency repairs. One of the main responsibilities of the Property Manager is to manage tenants. They are involved in all capacities, from finding the tenants and dealing with complaints to initiating evictions.

Annual salary range: $80,000 to $135,000+


A Nanny’s foremost responsibility is to provide quality care and supervision for an employer’s child or children. Caring for the children is a demanding and time consuming job that can encompass a wide range of duties: Helping with meal preparation, feeding, bathing, dressing, keeping children’s’ rooms tidy, making children’s’ beds, doing children’s’ laundry, and straightening the playroom at the end of the day. Other responsibilities may include planning and structuring play opportunities and activities that are developmentally appropriate, interacting and playing with the child or children, reading stories, providing creative experiences, going for walks, or helping school-age children with homework.

If there are hours during the day that do not involve direct child care, light housekeeping chores such as family laundry, errands, grocery shopping and dinner preparation may also be part of a Nanny’s responsibilities.

Annual salary range: $65,000 to $150,000+ (depending on the responsibilities and experience of the Nanny)

Baby Nurse

Baby Nurses are non-medical professionals who help parents take care of newborn babies. A Baby Nurse aids parents and caretakers in everything from breastfeeding and bathing to establishing healthy sleep patterns and diapering. Light cleaning may also be required (e.g., re-stock diapers, keep the nursery tidy, clean bottles and equipment, change linens, empty diaper pail and launder baby’s clothing and bedding).

Salary range: $300 to $800 a day


The household Chef or Cook is responsible for everything related to meal preparations for the family and household staff, including shopping for food-related supplies, meal/menu planning, preparation, and cleanup. These duties are performed for all regular meals, special events, holidays, parties and entertaining.

Annual salary range: $80,000 to $150,000+


A Butler typically oversees the household staff of one residence. He or she understands the importance of being anticipatory, friendly (not familiar), confidential, invisible and available.

Duties can include: Answering the residence phone, receiving guests, and supervising the reception of visitors; assisting with staff training and organizing the duties and schedule of domestic staff; keeping the household budgets and monitoring inventory supplies; scheduling and overseeing vendors of contracted services; assisting with household and family security measures; overseeing family packing and travel preparations; assisting with planning and organization of parties and events in the home; serving meals and drinks and performing related wait services; overseeing the wine cellar and liquor inventory. A Butler may also be required to perform light cleaning and routine maintenance and serve as personal valet to the household and/or gentleman of the house.

Annual salary range: $75,000 to $150,000+


This position can be either one position or two separate positions depending on the needs of the employer. A Chauffeur’s primary responsibility is driving his employer, family and guests to social and business-related appointments. He or she is also responsible for maintaining the vehicles.

In addition to the more traditional Chauffeur, some clients may require a specialty type of support, specifically security services. Security personnel have been trained to react quickly and safely to protect the client from immediate danger. Qualifications for this role include experience in control and restraint, physical intervention and conflict management.

Annual salary range: $65,000 to $120,000+


A Laundress focuses specifically on laundering and maintaining all of the clothing and linens in the home and is knowledgeable about the care of, storing and handling of fine fabrics. Duties of a Laundress include washing, ironing, steaming, mending and organizing the client’s wardrobe and household linens. Additional duties can also include creating wardrobe inventory, storing garments and seasonal closet organization. A laundress may work either full-time or part-time depending on the number of garments and linens needing attention.

Annual salary range: $60,000 to $75,000+


Companions perform homemaking, personal care, social and business services for people who are elderly, disabled or recovering from illness. A trusted Companion assists his or her employer in a number of ways. A Companion’s duties may include driving, traveling with the employer and accompanying him or her to certain events and appointments. Duties may also include some assistance with activities of daily living (e.g., light housekeeping, help with meals, handling business affairs). This is a non-medical position.

Annual salary range: $60,000 to $85,000+

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