It’s always a very difficult time when staff leave the home. While these departures are often unavoidable, it’s better to be proactive to help prevent something like this from ever occurring.

The top reason for staff leaving a job is not due to salary requirements or the lack of money they’re paid, but rather it’s the lack of recognition for their hard work. Skilled workers and domestic staff have their own aspirations, which we often overlook. Like with any job, people need to feel that they are growing and have the opportunity to move ahead.

Simply put, the keys to retaining staff are three-fold: Know (and foster) the right culture for your home, find candidates that fit well within that culture, and show them that you appreciate good work. Losing a great employee can be a real blow and the ramifications can be both taxing and costly. As such, we recommend establishing quarterly performance incentives. This will allow you to develop an open rapport with members of your staff, show recognition, and identify any adjustments that need to be made. Use your best judgment when it comes to actual incentives, and don’t always think that they need to include a large sum of money. Your staff will find thoughtful gifts or long overdue time off to be just as effective.

Remember, retention is all about recognition. And even a little can go a long way.


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