As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our lives, anxiety has become a common problem for many of us. Whether it’s manifested in sleeplessness, a foggy sense of time, a mania to clean and organize, or a longing to just curl up in the fetal position, we have all been there. So here is a bit of good news to ease some of that stress: we are learning how to adapt and function during this “new normal” and the residential employment landscape is beginning to open up.

For our many wonderful candidates seeking jobs, know that employers are reaching out to Crimmins Staffing for help either for the season or year-round. Many of these homeowners are adopting new policies to safely introduce staff into their environments, starting with FaceTime and Zoom interviews. Some employers are hiring candidates and setting a deferred start date as public health information evolves. Some are seeking live-in help for at least an initial period. Others are engaging live-out staff, with daily health checks. They are being cautious ─ but they are hiring.

And many potential staff members are making their own decisions based on an assessment of how risk is managed in the home they are considering joining. Is protective gear provided?  Is social distancing observed to whatever degree is possible in the environment? Ultimately, do the candidates feel that their own health and safety will be respected by the new employer?

The bottom line is that during this risk vs. reward moment in our working lives, we all need each other more than ever. Ironically, as we isolate ourselves, our interdependence is what will heal us, as we find our way back to the beautiful, hug-filled world we all miss so much. Please take heart, stay safe, and stay positive. Don’t let stress defeat you. Call us, talk with us! We at Crimmins Staffing are here to help.

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