In order to ease your nerves and help you present your best self during an interview, Crimmins Staffing has put together this Interview CheatSheet!

Interview Prep:

  • Spend an hour re-familiarizing yourself with your resume (review your reasons for transitioning from one job to the next)
  • Practice answering possible questions out loud to yourself

Note: If this is a Zoom or FaceTime meeting, give yourself enough time to prepare; i.e. make sure your internet connection is working and test your speakers. Also, do you have the updated version of Zoom?

During the Interview:

  • Listen carefully
  • Take notes
  • Be honest
  • Speak as slowly and precisely as possible
  • Ask questions during the interview. Take notes and respond to all of them.
    • Examples of these types of questions would be:
      • What are the three most important things for this job?
      • Why did the previous person leave?
      • When would you like the position to be filled by?

Wrapping Up…

Before you end the interview, remember to recap your conversation by asking: “Did I miss anything?” and “What are the next steps?”

What Not to Do:

During interviews, it is helpful to avoid bringing up money, reaching for belongings, and oversharing about yourself.

Remember to be yourself, let your personality shine, and have fun!

After the Interview, Send Us a Note!

  • How did you feel about the interview?
  • What questions were asked?
  • Did you answer all of the client’s questions?
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